Leadership Experts

Mark Leruste

Master of Ceremonies

Mark is a Public Speaker, a Podcast Host and a Millennial Advocate. He has interviewed more than 200 world-class leaders, entrepreneurs, athletes, TV personalities, politicians, CEOs, authors, influencers and adventurers from around the world.

He is a Certified Professional Co-Active® Coach. His work has appeared in many publications including the Guardian, the Wall Street Journal, Elle, The Observer, Metro, Shortlist, the Sunday Telegraph and is the author of "It’s Not You, It’s Me", a book about finding fulfilling work.

To date, Mark has worked with clients such as Google, Intuit, L'Oreal, State Street, INSEAD, The Guardian, Virgin StartUp, Black Swan Data as well as hundreds of unfulfilled professionals, burned out leaders and frustrated entrepreneurs, to help them lead a more meaningful and impactful life.

Anne Eggen- Johansen


“I highly value the creation of a safe and courageous space where my clients and group of leaders can stretch, learn and grow towards their visions and goals.”

A Certified Professional Co-Active® Coach, a Senior Faculty Member and examiner of the world renowned Co-Active® Training Institute, Anne is an active executive coach, working with corporate companies and delivering corporate leadership programs to Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Anne is also an ORSC™ practitioner, from the prestigious CRR Global, the most successful global training institute for teams and organisations, and has senior level corporate expertise, having worked with premium companies ranging from Nordea Asset Management to IBM.

Encouraging, intuitive and firm, yet gentle, is how Anne likes to lead!"

Sue Powell


‘I help clients to consciously create high performing teams, manage change and influence key stakeholders, develop more effective communication strategies, and expand their leadership style towards a coaching approach.’

A Co-Active® Training Institute Senior Faculty member, a Certified Professional Co-Active® Coach and Leadership Expert, Sue designs programs and facilitates, trains or coaches teams, including C- Suite and senior management, to develop their personal and leadership effectiveness. Sue holds an MBA and has extensive experience in business development of consumer brands for FTSE 100 companies.

Sue has held senior roles that include Marketing Director and has worked within large businesses, including Whitbread, Virgin, Granada, and Colgate Palmolive, and as a management consultant within leisure and hospitality, including global assignments for Compass Group PLC.

As well as inspiring, Sue’s facilitation process is refreshingly direct, challenging, supportive and playful!

Tony Barton


“To perform to my highest level, I must display 100% commitment and desire. This means I have the freedom to be brilliant and to fail, because that’s what humans do from time to time, especially when they are taking risks.”

Tony has facilitated over 100 courses for the world renowned Co-Active® Training Institute (formerly CTI), training more than 2000 people and has delivered over 60 Leadership programs to a total of over 1400 managers for Siemens. He is a Senior Faculty member for the Co-Active® Training Institute and a Certified Professional Co-Active® Coach and Leader. He is an Authorized Team Diagnostics and MBTI facilitator and also a Certified Professional ORSC™ coach (Organisational Relationship Systems Coach).

As an expert Executive and Team coach, he has worked for Fortune 100 companies and premium companies including Sony, Pfizer, ING Group and Ericsson.

Authenticity and experiential learning are at the heart of his way of facilitating!

Karen Makkes van der Deijl


“Guiding people to work differently together, as a real team and not just seeing each other as good or bad performing colleagues is the first step to true and authentic Leadership.”

After many years of climbing the corporate ladder in law, Karen made the choice to pursue trainings in Co-Active® Coaching and Leadership. She became a Faculty member for the prestigious Co- Active® Training Institute and an Executive, Leadership & Team Coach, as well as a Lecturer for the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University.

Karen has led over 90 programs globally as a coach and her expertise spans Fortune 500 companies across Financial Services, Retail, Legal, Accountancy, Entertainment, Agriculture, Industrial Production and Business Services, including Accenture and premium companies such as NN Group and Yacht Restoration.

Karen encourages courage and action as necessary to make changes - and to really live life to the fullest!


Bringing you the world's most renowned leadership methodologies from the most prestigious institutes, used by the most effective leaders worldwide.

> The Co-Active® Model, from the Co-Active® Training Institute (formerly CTI) is a philosophy, methodology, skillset and a communication tool that is applied to business, education, medical institutions, government and communities across the globe.

> The ORSC™ model is the only ICF accredited Relationship Systems course from CRR Global, the most successful global training institute for teams and organisations. CEOs, consultants, Executives and Team Managers learn powerful methodologies to reach peak performance in the workplace for new generation leadership.

> The Team Diagnostic™ systems-based model, from Team Coaching International, takes an intensive team training approach and breaks new ground that significantly advances team performance, using skills and tools that create a new perspective on the team as its own entity.

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